Rachael Ostovich says BKFC far more lucrative

Rachael Ostovich has actually gotten deals for both bare-knuckle boxing and mixed martial arts, however her option will depend upon the numbers.

A previous UFC ladies’s flyweight and “The Ultimate Fighter 26” cast member, Ostovich (4-6 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS) attempted her hand(s) at bare-knuckle boxing previously this year after 10 professional mixed martial arts battles. The 30-year-old transitioned in July and beat Paige VanZant in a five-round fight at BKFC 19.

Although she discovered success in her BKFC launching, Ostovich stated it’s not an assurance she’ll be back. Her next relocation will entirely be based upon which sport pays her more.

“I had some injuries after the fight, it’s definitely different from MMA,” Ostovich informed mixed martial arts Addict Radio of her BKFC win. “I’ve had some offers, but I’m kinda waiting on the negotiations between my manager and the promotions, so bare-knuckle is of interest. But it’s if the numbers match then yeah … I’m still down for MMA and there have been offers from MMA, but at this point, I’m kinda just waiting to see what makes the most money here so that’s where I’m at.”

She continued, “They both have their pros and cons, so it really is just money talks for me right now.”

Ostovich states she earned money more in bare-knuckle than she ever carried out in mixed martial arts, where she was hardly making ends satisfy. That kind of benefit will be difficult to disregard when making a decision, she stated.

“I would return to MMA, just right now BKFC is really hot right now and they pay me really good so that’s where I’ll be,” Ostovich stated. “MMA is a lot and I felt like I was almost going broke fighting in MMA, so BKFC is where I’m at for right now and hopefully we can get on the same page (for a contract).”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.