PUBG: Battlegrounds’ new map, Taego, includes self-revive and comebacks

PUBG is back with its very first brand-new map in a while, and it’s embeded in Korea. The brand-new map, Taego, belongs to the video game’s 12.2 upgrade, which likewise includes a self-revive product, a mini-battle royale to get you back into a match after you pass away, and lots of other modifications.

Taego is an 8-km-by-8-km map embeded in the Korean countryside. PUBG in-game system lead Taehyun Kim stated in an e-mail interview with Polygon that the objective of this map was to reveal gamers the appeal of Korea, particularly around the 1980s and ’90s.

The map has lots of towns, towns, and even a maximum-security jail for gamers to check out. A lot more notably, for all the gamers that have actually missed out on PUBG’s bigger maps, Taego has lots of open ground to combat over.

A town in PUBG’s Taego map

Image: PUBG Studios

However while its size may be in line with that of conventional PUBG maps, a few of Taego’s other functions are completely brand-new for the video game. For example, the video game’s brand-new self-revive product, which permits downed gamers to get themselves up, is extremely various from anything the fight royale video game has actually used up until now.

Taego also has a new mechanic called Comeback BR that will allow players who are eliminate during the first Blue Zone a chance at redemption. During Comeback BR — which is only available in Taego duos and squads matches — players who die during the first Blue Zone will be transported to the Comeback Arena, where they’ll attempt to outlast a timer in a mini BR match. If they survive the timer, they’ll return to the regular match.

A small Korean village on PUBG’s Taego map

Image: PUBG Studios

This is a totally new mechanic for PUBG, but one that Kim said has been requested by players for a while now.

“We’ve frequently seen the feedback that we need to come up with a method to reduce the frustration of players defeated in the early game,” Kim told Polygon. “We also felt that there should be changes in meta that have been fixed. Comeback BR was developed to alleviate players’ frustration and help them to quickly join their team and to win a chicken dinner after they come back.”

For a full look at Taego and its new mechanics and weapons, as well as all the other changes in this patch, you can check out the full PUBG patch 12.2 notes. While you’re doing that, you can acclimate yourself with the video game’s brand-new name: Designer PUBG Studios is now calling it PUBG: Battlefields.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.