Prosecutors claim Christopher Collins went to ‘great lengths’ to cover Yuanhua Liang’s murder in northwest Harris County

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — In court Thanksgiving early morning, district attorneys set out their case versus a male who’s implicated of killing his other half, that includes a $250,000 life insurance coverage policy, apparently signed 2 days prior to her death.

In likely cause court, district attorneys stated Christopher Collins “went to great lengths” to make it appear like his other half had actually been eliminated by a burglar.

Collins did not appear in court when his case information read as he was being examined in a psychological health system.

This all occurred a week earlier in the couple’s northwest Harris County house, in the 18000 block of Clayton Bluff Lane.

Private investigators stated Collins initially called police from the fitness center, stating his other half, Yuanhua Liang, had actually texted him about a complete stranger in the house.

He satisfied with private investigators at the house where Liang was discovered dead in the living-room.

Today, private investigators think it was all a fancy ploy.

Collins, a previous member of the military, and his other half, initially from China, commonly share their animals, gardening, and other activities on several social networks channels.

Private investigators state Collins’ story of a complete stranger in their house simply didn’t compare. They explained that the house was not rummaged, and when they went to the fitness center where he exercised, they stated they discovered some incriminating proof.

In a locker at the fitness center, private investigators apparently discovered Liang’s wallet, which Collins had actually reported missing out on, and her cosmetic bag, authorities stated.

Monitoring video at the fitness center apparently revealed Collins pacing around for 45 minutes, exercising for 5 minutes, then going to the café to phone, according to information exposed in court.

In the couple’s house, private investigators discovered Collins had actually security video cameras set up. Officers apparently asked Collins why he didn’t examine them when his other half sent out a text about a burglar. According to private investigators, Collins stated he would utilize them when he ran out the nation to look at his other half, however didn’t believe to examine them on the day of her murder.

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Collins apparently informed private investigators Liang was frequently paranoid, which’s why it took him 45 minutes to return to your house after she sent out stressing texts.

A witness informed private investigators she heard arguing originating from the house right before the shooting.

Private investigators stated they likewise discovered files for a $250,000 life insurance coverage policy signed by the couple on Nov. 16, 2 days prior to Liang’s death.

Collins apparently informed them he was driving a rental automobile because his car had actually been repossessed.

Private investigators state Liang was shot while using a sleep mask and was discovered with a bag over her head. District attorneys stated this was additional proof versus Collins, because covering the victim’s face prevails when a suspect does not wish to enjoy somebody they understand pass away.

“Which indicated the bag had been placed over her head after she had been shot. Based on the officer’s training and experience, believes the action, which occurs when a person has a personal relationship with a deceased individual does not want to see their face as they die,” district attorneys stated in court. “Officers who searched the home found a sheet of paper on the desk inside the residence. The paper was for life insurance for $250,000. The officer stated that the defendant and the complainant had signed the paper for life insurance on Nov. 16, 2021.”

Private investigators stated they likewise discovered a .22 quality live round in Collins’ pocket. According to the medical inspector, Liang was shot with a little quality pistol, comparable to the .22 quality bullet discovered.

Collins is being kept in prison on a $150,000 bond. The judge stated he needs to surrender his passport and not speak with any witnesses.

If he makes bond, he will need to use an ankle screen and will have a curfew.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.