Project Triangle Strategy is a new tactics RPG from Square Enix for Switch

Task Triangle Technique, the follow-up to Octopath Tourist, is another “2D HD game” which mixes sprites and tiles with beautifully in-depth close-ups. You can look upon those finer information right now, too — there’s a demonstration on the eShop offered for download, Nintendo revealed. The complete video game, which is being established by Square Enix, will be out in 2022.

Based upon the trailer, the gameplay included in Task Triangle Technique ought to recognize to anybody who has actually played techniques video games previously, such as Fire Symbol: 3 Homes. You move along a grid, assaulting opponents and positioning your fighters in protective positions for optimal result. Likely, the “triangle” part of the title describes whatever strengths and weak points are specified by the mechanics. Square Enix is guaranteeing that the video game will include lots of “choice and consequences.” There’s a whiff of Last Dream Techniques here, however with a various design.

Octopath Tourist was launched in 2018, and in it, fans were charged with finishing the specific stories of a broad cast of characters. Likely, Task Triangle Technique is another effort to regain the fond memories of old-school techniques video games.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.