Pro Football Focus explains why Lamar Jackson was absent from best 50 players in NFL list

The Baltimore Ravens have actually seen quarterback Lamar Jackson become among the very best signal callers in the NFL throughout his very first 3 seasons. Nevertheless, he still doesn’t get almost the quantity of regard he should have, as evidenced by a lot of individuals neglecting his achievements and capabilities.

Jackson was significantly snubbed from a list of the very best 50 gamers in the NFL by Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus. Monson launched a post detailing 13 gamers who simply missed out on the cut from the list, with Jackson headlining the lot.

“Lamar Jackson is the player who most deserves a spot on the PFF50. Recently an NFL MVP, Jackson remains one of the most dynamic players in the league, but he is also a cautionary tale about expecting someone to continue to develop onward and upward each year. Jackson was a unanimous MVP one year and the No. 15-graded quarterback in the league in terms of overall PFF grade (81.5) the next. That’s still a very good mark, but it’s obviously a regression.”

In spite of not putting him on his list, Monson indicated just how much of a danger Jackson is.

“Jackson, of course, has the difficult-to-quantify bonus of a unique importance to the Ravens’ offense. The threat he brings as an athlete and playmaker allows the running backs to produce atypical success. It makes life easier for the offensive line, which doesn’t have to pass block as often. And even when the unit does block in the passing game, it’s facing rushers who must keep one eye on Jackson to avoid him ripping off a big run.”

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, PFF chose to leave out Jackson from their list.

“Jackson allows that offense to function. It is built around his skill set. But in a list projecting forward, it’s debatable that he will have a better 2021 season than the six quarterbacks who made the list. It wouldn’t be surprising if he did, but that was the decision made.”

Even if Jackson doesn’t have a much better season than the other 6 quarterbacks on the list, omitting him even if he’d be the seventh quarterback isn’t an excellent factor at all. If the leading 50 gamers were all quarterbacks, those gamers must all be represented. That may not be what Monson meant to indicate, however in either case, not putting a previous unanimous-MVP who has the very best supporting cast he’s ever had on a list of the very best gamers in the NFL is an intriguing choice to state the least, and one that lots of disagree with.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.