Precision Mazes creates ‘KC Got Their Swagger Back’ crop art in Missouri field following previous tribute to Andy Reid | Kansas City Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — A long-lasting Chiefs fan and his group are producing attractive crop art and corn labyrinths, consisting of styles crafted to support the Kansas City Chiefs.

The group at Accuracy Mazes have actually developed their styles in crop fields around the nation for more than twenty years. They utilize GPS innovation and corn field cutting methods to bring their styles to life.

In 2020, they developed a crop art homage to Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. The “Thanks Coach!” style for Big Red was huge news. It caught the attention of Sunday Night Football and even stood out of coach Andy Reid.

“He gave us a great compliment,” Accuracy Mazes Owner Rob Stouffer stated. “He said that certainly our work was better than the aliens. So, we like to hold on to that and we’re glad coach Reid appreciated our work.”

Each letter tilled into the Orrick, Mo field for the homage was 74 NFL footballs high. 2 football fields might fit inside Andy Reid’s cap for the job.

Early on this football season, Stouffer and his group were searching for brand-new motivation to support the Chiefs and their fans. “As the season was unfolding, we were like, ‘well we don’t really think this might be the year’ but things kind of switched at the Raiders game.”

That week a colleague revealed Patrick Mahomes a video that turned the tide. Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes went over the video following the Raiders video game. “I was like I need to get my swag back,” Mahomes stated. “He showed me that video. That was the mojo, the video of the week.”

On the field, Kelce reenacted the video and stated, “Something tells me I got my swagger back. Oh baby!”

Accuracy Mazes developed crop art that stated, “KC Got Their Swagger Back” in an Orrick, Mo field.

“It seemed as if there was a new tenor in the city. There was a buzz. There was an excitement,” Stouffer stated. “As the team and the city was seemingly rebounding and coming back for another Super Bowl trip hopefully.”

Stouffer stated Accuracy Mazes group is currently dealing with another KC sports themed job.

“It is a way to demonstrate our capability. It’s a way that we can show how we can work with lots of different textures,” Stouffer stated. “We’re known for creating corn mazes. People think of those as green crops. This is a way we can make and create great images in soil. We can do so in sand and in snow.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.