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PowerWash Simulator Now Coming to PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

powerwash simulator

Indie dev FuturLab’s PowerWash Simulator is now coming to the PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch consoles! First released through Steam Early Access on Windows in 2021, PowerWash Simulator lets power washing enthusiasts (we see you) hose it down in a first-person linear adventure. The game puts players in charge of a small power washing business in the small town of Muckingham. Levels are presented as jobs from clients, and players must thoroughly clean a variety of objects in order to progress through the game.

PowerWash Simulator was fully released on Windows PCs, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in addition to Xbox Game Pass in July last year. PlayStation and Switch gamers will be glad to know that the eccentric game will now be releasing for their consoles too, albeit at an unspecified date later this year.

This new development was announced by publisher Square Enix through a strange infomercial featuring fictional power washing pros Kenny Washmore and Jerry Cleansburg at Tokyo Game Show 2022:

PowerWash Simulator is currently available for Windows PCs (through Steam and Microsoft Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass (including an Xbox Cloud Gaming version!).

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