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Positive Global News to Brighten Your Feed

Every day, it seems as though something new and terrifying is making its way across our screens. Without fail, opening any news or social media app will give you 10 new reasons to hate the world. Our news feeds are constantly describing all the ways the planet is dying, the government is failing and civil rights are disappearing. Social media and news outlets have the incredible power to make everything in the world seem bad. This can be overwhelming for many people, especially those who are already prone to anxiety, depression, paranoia or other forms of mental illness. These negative stimuli can quickly ruin an otherwise good day.

Many people are sick of everything seeming so dreary and hopeless. It’s not like that. Instead of dwelling on the newest climate disaster, take a few moments to sit with some of these pieces of positive news from around the world. Focusing on the positive can encourage beneficial change and make your life more hopeful.

The Reintroduction of Cheetahs to India

In the 1950s, cheetahs went extinct in India. For over 70 years, the country struggled to reintroduce cheetahs to one of their native ecosystems, but as of late 2022 and early 2023, significant strides have been made. In 2022, eight cheetahs rejoined India’s ecosystem, and just last month, 12 more have been introduced. This is wonderful news; the reintroduction of cheetahs will allow the species to thrive, and will enable their habitats to redevelop once again. India has made a huge step toward preserving the Earth’s biodiversity.

Denmark Climate Aid

In 2022, Denmark became the first country to offer something called “loss and damage” funding for climate-related disasters. The country pledged over $13 million to aid developing nations recovering from natural disasters. This money will help fragile areas that otherwise could not afford to rebuild, thus preserving populations and ecosystems alike. Denmark has set a phenomenal example of global allyship and empathy – something many other countries have hesitated to do.

Destruction of “Forever Chemicals”

The term “forever chemicals” refers to chemicals in food wrappers, floss and other disposable items. These chemicals remain in the environment for thousands of years, indiscriminately contaminating water supplies and impacting the health of humans and animals. As of 2022, researchers have found ways to destroy such chemicals. While the research isn’t finished, this exciting news reveals the potential to relieve ecosystems of microplastics and other harmful contaminants. If the ability to completely destroy “forever chemicals” develops soon, there will be so much hope for the future of the environment.

LGBTQ+ News in Vietnam and Mexico

So much of the news surrounding LGBTQ+ legislation seems negative, but two countries have made considerable strides toward equality in 2022. Vietnam’s Health Ministry finally declared that being queer is not a mental illness. Now their health policy is in accordance with human rights standards. This step forward is crucial in allowing queer individuals within the country to eventually experience complete equality and fair treatment.

In the same year, Mexico legalized same-sex marriage in every state. This is thrilling news, as it grants same-sex couples the marriage rights previously denied to them. The developments made by Vietnam and Mexico mark just two of the many wins for LGBTQ+ equality, and show that progress is actively being made, regardless of how it may seem.

Ozone Recovery

The United Nations released a report that indicates that the Earth’s ozone layer is healing. In fact, due to current developments, it should heal faster than expected. Within just 40 years, the hole within Earth’s ozone layer should be completely recovered thanks to various countries’ cooperation in resolving this climate crisis. This news is especially comforting since most news articles make it sound like the planet will self-destruct at any moment. Instead, nature is regaining its health thanks to positive changes being made around the world. This example proves that it isn’t too late to reverse the damage done to the planet; with some bravery and integrity, change can continue to be made.

Why Care?

It can be hard to focus on the positive amid all the doom and gloom presented by the media. However, focusing on positive developments, like the ones above, does wonders for spreading hope. Despite what the news may try to convince us, we can make a difference. Any positive change, from the reintroduction of native species to civil rights developments, models a step in the right direction for our world. These changes are something to celebrate.

The next time you feel overwhelmed by the negativity in the media, try searching specifically for positive news. You will find thousands of positive news articles from around the world. For the sake of ourselves and our planet, let’s start focusing on the positive change we can create instead of what has already been lost.

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