Pondering the orb meme, explained

An orb is an easy however effective item. The crystal spheres — which are generally utilized to forecast the future — can beget wonder, mystique, and even in some cases fear, depending upon the sort of prophecies they bring. Orbs have long been the things of dream stories, and now, the wonderful item has actually ended up being the star of a popular brand-new meme.

The pattern is all based upon an illustration by Angus McBride, who was an English historic and dream artist. The image reveals the artist’s envisioning of Saruman, the wicked wizard from The Lord of the Rings. In the illustration, we see the cloaked wizard’s dark and brooding eyes looking deeply into a radiant blue orb.

Jokes about the orb differ. Nevertheless, numerous riff on the how a wizard would “ponder” the orb, because it’s a things of knowledge and can be such a strong tool of the occult. The concept is that contemplating it will bring some kind of discovery. Nevertheless, now the contemplating simply brings amusing jokes that riff off of popular tv characters and other memes. Here’s an example of the original image, as shared by Polygon’s own Cass Marshall:

There are a bunch of variations and edits of this image that pull characters from other shows and stories. Here is Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, pointing at an orb.

The next example is a twist on a popular screenshot of Marge from The Simpsons, which originally depicted her holding a potato and saying, “I just think they’re neat.” Now “neat” has been changed to “ponderous” as she holds an orb.

Here, George Constanza from Seinfeld gets upset over the price of an orb.

This one references the famous painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. This image swaps out the girl and iconic pearl earring with a wizard and an orb earring.

Others spin jokes from previous meme formats and combine the orb with them. Here someone takes the “Sickos Haha Yes” meme, which usually shows a neighbor peeking in at something, through the window. In this case, the neighbor is a wizard looking through the window at an orb.

Next we have a chart that explains who does and doesn’t ponder the orb in The Lord of the Rings. True to the original joke, Saruman both knows the orb and ponders it.

Other memes just play with the concept of the orb to make silly jokes. Here, the person swaps the role of the wizard and orb to create a meme where the orb is the one doing the contemplating.

Here someone made a corn orb, or as the Tweet describes it, “corb.” That’s it. That’s the joke.

This one is cute — it’s a caricature of the orb and Saruman up late texting each other. It’s based off of a meme where a couple texts each other.

This one is simply based on the good ol’ “hot singles in your area” joke inspired by web ads and pop-ups. Instead, the image says, “I don’t want love. I just want SEX. See My Orb.”

So now, whether or not you yourself have pondered the orb, you at least have all the memes to help you decide whether contemplating the orb is the ideal option for you.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.