Polybius, gaming’s oldest urban legend, is mostly Atari’s fault

Eagle-eyed urban myth fans may have identified an old buddy in Marvel’s Loki: an ominous black game cabinet identified Polybius. Or you may have seen it in The Simpsons or in the video for 9 Inch Nails’ “Less Than.”

These are referrals to among the most long-lasting computer game urban myths, one that pre-dates “Ben Drowns” and “Lavender Town.” As the story goes, Polybius was a cursed game device developed by the federal government to evaluate out mind-control innovation on kids. Any person who played it got addicted, and if they bet too long, they’d struggle with amnesia, queasiness, hallucinations, seizures, and even death.

As far as urban myths go, Polybius is extensively spread out however not extensively thought — there’s just insufficient proof to recommend it ever existed. However it is based upon some genuine, remarkable history — the majority of it needing to do with Atari’s at some point suspicious organization techniques.

See the video ready to find out more about Atari’s hand in the production of the Polybius misconception.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.