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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers rocks up for duty on Xbox and PlayStation

police simulator patrol officers screenshot

There are certain games which pick up a bit of a cult following – Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is certainly one of those games, having gathered some acclaim on PC through Steam. Now though duty calls for Xbox and PlayStation players. 

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is available to purchase and play right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and, coming our of Early Access, on PC. Expect to pay around £34.99 in order to grab the badge and take on your duties. 

As the name suggests, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers puts you in the role of a humble enforcement officer, one who turns up int he fictional world of Brighton, USA to help put the world right. Whether you traipse out on foot or make the most of the patrol cars that are on call, it’ll be up to you to head out into the world and hunt down the crims. 

It’ll all start off fairly reasonably, litter droppers, jaywalkers, speeders, red light jumpers and more will all be on your hit list, as you decide to ticket or warn them. But then things ramp up and you’ll be attending accidents, issuing drug and drink tests, chasing running criminals and more. 

On the face of it, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers has quite a bit that will be of interest, especially as we’re pretty used to running the other side of the rule as gamers. But Police Simulator: Patrol Officers doesn’t always work as intended and even though there are both casual and simulation modes to play with, it’s a game that (on Xbox at least) is full of bugs. 

We highly advise you to give our full review of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers on Xbox Series X|S a read prior to dropping the cash on a download. After all, £34.99 is not a cheap cash outlay. 

If you’re sold, great, crack on over to the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store or Steam page and pick up your download of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. Let us know what you make of it by dropping into the comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Game Description:

Welcome to Brighton! Join the ranks of this fictitious American city’s police force and experience the everyday life of a police officer. Begin with parking violations and work your way up to shouldering greater responsibilities. Be part of Brighton’s community, get to know your neighborhood, and fulfill the daily duties of a police officer as you fight crime during your shift. Always be tough, but fair: respect the law and gain more experience to unlock more neighborhoods, districts, and duties! POLICE SIMULATOR: PATROL OFFICERS includes a dynamic traffic system that organically creates traffic flows and car accidents, as well as emergency situations that randomly pop up during your shifts. Be ready to respond at a moment’s notice! Enter the open world of Brighton, where you can choose which neighborhoods you patrol and keep safe. Patrol three unique districts, each home to several neighborhoods. Each one has a distinct flair: from the high rises of downtown to the historical buildings of Brickston. The Intuition System allows you to pick up on important clues when interrogating witnesses and can help you resolve situations immediately – so make sure you’re always paying attention to everything being said and done. Your duties are your responsibility! Progressing and unlocking new districts also adds new duties. Begin by issuing tickets, but be ready to handle accidents that can happen right in front of your eyes! Many different duties are waiting to be encountered in this living and breathing city. Stop drug deals from taking place in the local park, chase graffiti sprayers illegally tagging walls, stop speeding cars with your police siren, and even set up road barriers and cones around traffic accidents. Be prepared for anything – from minor incidents like a car blocking a bus stop to having to apprehend suspects and taking them to the holding cells. Your duties are your responsibility! POLICE SIMULATOR: PATROL OFFICERS offers a Simulation Mode for veteran players looking for the most authentic experience, as well as a Casual Mode for players who want a more relaxing patrol around the streets of Brighton.

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