Police arrest Sword and Shield hacker for selling shiny Pokémon

Japanese authorities have actually detained a 23-year-old male who was charged with hacking and selling conserve information for Pokémon Sword and Guard. According to a report from Japanese paper Asahi Shimbun, through Serebii, authorities state the male made about $10,900 from changing and offering copies of Sword and Guard.

The male apparently offered a hacked Sobble last April and got 4,400 yen (around $41) for it. The suspect confessed to the charges.

The Pokémon Business just recently punished Pokémon hackers. In January, the business put gamers with “illegally modified data” on notification. This consisted of gamers that had actually been including brand-new Pokémon to Sword and Guard. The Pokémon Business stated it would punish unfaithful gamers by restricting functions like access to Pokémon House.

Pokémon hackers have actually been evaluating the limitations of what they can escape with for many years. The business prohibited a wave of cheaters from Pokémon Sun and Moon from online services back in 2017.

There are presently no information on what the fine or any extra penalties will be, however under Japan’s Unfair Competitors Defense Law the modifying and circulation of conserve information is prohibited.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.