Pokémon Unite’s next character is grass-type Tsareena

A brand-new character is signing up with the Pokémon Unite arena: grass-type humanoid flower Tsareena.

The Pokémon Business debuted the brand-new addition in a YouTube video released Thursday. In the 27-second clip, The Pokémon Business displayed a few of her relocations, and it sure appears like she kicks a lot. The Pokémon Business called Tsareena a “powerful All-Rounder that will dance around the competition” in the YouTube video’s description.

There’s no additional details about the Tsareena in Pokémon Unite right now, nevertheless. Pokémon news site Serebii reported that she’ll be contributed to Pokémon Unite on Dec. 9 throughout a in-game project that’ll award gamers with the brand-new Pokémon after visiting.

Pokémon Unite, The Pokémon Business’s free-to-play multiplayer online fight arena (MOBA), was launched this year on Nintendo Change and mobile phones. Designer TiMi Studio keeps including brand-new Pokémon to the lineup: Prior to Tsareena, it included Decidueye, Greedent, and lots of really adorable skins for existing Pokémon. (Hi, Area Gengar.)

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.