Pokémon Go’s March Community Day will focus on Fletchling

The next Pokémon Go Neighborhood Day will be on March 6 and it’ll include the bird Pokémon Fletchling.

This is the very first Neighborhood Day we’re getting in a long time that will include a brand-new Shiny Pokémon to the video game. While a lot of gamers were hoping and anticipating the Unovan starter Pokémon to get their turn in the Neighborhood Day spotlight, we’re rather getting the bird from the Kalos area. Gamers can anticipate to discover Shiny variations of Fletchling regularly throughout the occasion.

The Neighborhood Day will host the typical advantages: for the six-hour occasion, Incense will last 3 hours, XP acquired from capturing Pokémon will be tripled, and the included Pokémon will discover an unique relocation when progressed. In this case, Talonflame will discover Incinerate. Incinerate is a terrific relocation for PvP, and given that Fletchling is a fairly brand-new addition to the video game, the Neighborhood Day will be an excellent chance to farm sweet to develop it and finish your Pokédex.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.