Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl fans are finding weird glitches

Pokémon Fantastic Diamond and Shining Pearl introduced effectively recently, however gamers have actually still discovered a lot of strange problems. With fans preparing for a remake of the 2006 video games for years, buzz and anticipation has actually put the video game all over social networks — so its problems are, too.

Among the greatest ones catching attention today lets gamers replicate Pokémon in Fantastic Diamond and Shining Pearl. YouTube developer BLAINES published a video about it on YouTube, demonstrating how to utilize the video game’s trading performance to make dupes. It’s a questionable problem: Some gamers consider it cheating, and caution that it’s a “use-at-your-own-risk” scenario.

Somewhere else, gamers have actually found that the Sun Stone, too, appears to be operating in an odd method. Normally, the Sun Stone is utilized to develop flower-type Pokémon. Gamers on social networks report that they’re likewise able to utilize the product on Pokémon that develop by means of relationship or trade.

Amongst the other problems, a few of the more entertaining ones consist of a dancing NPC, surfing on land, and Pokémon getting stuck on the strange bike course.

Gamers are likewise reporting that there’s something strange up in the Underground: Pokémon seem switching names throughout developments. Individuals on Reddit are assuming that it’s the names of gamers or Pokémon in the Underground at the exact same time.

While a great deal of these problems aren’t always damaging, others have actually gotten gamers caught in fitness centers due to the auto-save performance. We’ve connected to Nintendo to ask if any repairs are on the method.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.