Plight of Laid-Off American Workers Nothing to Celebrate, by Michelle Malkin

American employees throughout the wage scale are harming. Small-business owners throughout the nation are defending their survival. Youths deal with more unpredictability than ever about their futures and capability to put food on the table.

As we head into Labor Day weekend, I wish to use a friendly suggestion from the “America First” right to the Beltway Republican politician message device and the Trump project’s social networks mavens: Now is not the time to be cheerleading for pandemic profiteers, tech billionaires, and “woke capital” globalists who are addicted to low-cost foreign labor and hate American sovereignty. According to one analysis by Oxfam, 17 out of the leading 25 most lucrative U.S. corporations — consisting of Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Facebook, Pfizer and Visa — are predicted to generate $85 billion more in 2020 than in previous years as upward of 40 million Americans run out work.

SwampCons keep promoting the “booming stock market” and “record” S&P 500 highs. President Donald Trump himself boasted recently, “NASDAQ has broken the record, I think 16 times already, during a pandemic.” He likewise alerted Republican politician National Convention audiences that Joe Biden is bad for our “retirement” savings and “401(k)s.” Real enough. However what about the 10s of millions who’ve lost their tasks and those who haven’t even had the opportunity to begin putting away any cost savings?

Moreover, why should any “Make America Great Again” populists wave pom-poms for Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google/Alphabet and Facebook? The founders, top executives and elitist employees of these Silicon Valley firms — the top five companies in the NASDAQ index — hate America, sabotage U.S. workers through advocating for mass migration, Black Lives Matter and antifa anarchy, and they openly disparage and discriminate against Trump-supporting customers.

In ordinary times, I used to be one of those reliable voices touting the “free market,” “invisible hand” and miracles of American capitalism over “socialism.” But our current condition is not one of “limited government conservatism” vs. “big government socialism.” As I’ve illustrated all summer long, we live in a bloody state of anarchotyranny. The lawless reign while big business collectively allies itself with the mob to reap profits at the expense of the law-abiding.

Back in February, I reported to you on the myth of the American worker shortage by spotlighting more than 50 stories of 10s of thousands of recent U.S. worker layoffs in tech and other high-skilled industries. Among the U.S. corporations and institutions responsible for laying off, replacing, offshoring, and outsourcing tens of thousands of American tasks:


Wayfair, TripAdvisor, LogMeIn, Inc., Zume Pizza, VMWare, Shutterfly, Intel, Comcast, Xilinx, 23andMe, NortonLifeLock, AT&T, Macy’s, Walgreens, Uber, Lyft, UCSF Medical Center, Baptist Health, Sysco, WeWork, American Family Insurance, Tennessee Valley Authority, Amway, UPS subsidiary Coyote Logistics, Comcast, Lime, Bird, Unicorn, Getaround, Cerner, Oracle, Samsung US,, Textron Aviation, Morgan Stanley, Spirit AeroSystems, Mozilla, UiPath, Plexus, Cisco,, Clover Health, State Street Corporation, Anthem, Transamerica, Verizon, MassMutual, Disney, Carnival, Abbott Labs, EmblemHealth, Harley Davidson, Cargill, Eversource Energy, Best Buy, Southern California Edison and Qualcomm.

Six months later, record layoffs are piling up.

—Last week in California, VMWare, downtown San Jose’s Hilton Hotel, Veritas, Blackhawk Country Club, Gap, Chartwells and Silver Creek Sportsplex in San Jose all announced hundreds more Bay Area layoffs.

—Among the companies confirming new COVID-related permanent layoffs reported by The Wall Street Journal: GM Resorts International, Stanley Black & Decker Inc. and Coca-Cola.

—American Airlines Group Inc. and United Airlines Holdings Inc. are threatening to ax more than 53,000 workers unless they get new federal bailouts. Frontier Airlines signaled nearly 400 layoffs in Colorado.

—Even as it crowed about record quarterly sales, Salesforce handed out pink-slip notices to 1,000 of its staff members.

—Despite promising not to cut employees in the midst of the COVID chaos, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo are now all considering doing just that.

—In Florida, more than 1,900 hotel employees are facing layoffs or temporary layoffs at Loews Hotels and Co and Marriott.

—Telecom giant Cisco plans to lay off an unspecified number of workers amid business troubles.

—Manufacturing giant 3M slashed 1,500 jobs at the beginning of the month.

—Walmart laid off laying off hundreds of employees in its logistics, real estate and retail location planning departments over the past two months.

—Hundreds of health care workers have been laid off in Cook County, Illinois, Cape Cod, the University of Texas Medical Branch Health system, Lynwood Hospital in Los Angeles and Minnesota’s state hospital system.

Remember these laid-off workers when Beltway crapweasels come back from their Labor Day holiday to lobby for more imported foreign farmworkers, work permits for illegal immigrant DREAMers, H-1B tech visas, more foreign doctors and other medical professionals, Silicon Valley tax breaks and Fortune 500 bailouts.

I repeat: There is no American employee scarcity — only a shortage of politicians who truly put American employees initially.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.