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PlayStation introduces ‘ultra-customizable’ DualSense Edge controller

PlayStation announced a new controller during today’s Gamescom Opening Night Live show.

In a brief spot during the show, the company revealed the DualSense Edge, an “ultra-customizable” wireless controller for PlayStation consoles. Players will be able to customize just about every facet of the controller, from the stick caps on the thumbsticks to the buttons on the back of the controller to the thumbsticks’ sticks themselves, according to a blog post released after the show. Players will also have complete control over the Edge’s controls: each of the buttons can be remapped or deactivated, and the thumbsticks’ sensitivity and dead zones can be adjusted at will.

The controller is one of the most advanced that Sony has ever created. Players can save multiple control profiles on one controller, enabling it to be shared by different players with different preferences or customized for several different games. Users can change their controller setup at any time using the Fn button, which can also be used to adjust volume and in-game chat settings. The Edge will come with a USB Type-C cable and a carrying case and will retain many of the features of existing DualSense controllers.

The controller doesn’t have a release date yet, but the blog post says that the company plans to reveal more about the controller in the next few months. The Edge appears to be a competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controllers, which offer a similarly customizable exterior and a variety of quality-of-life features.

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