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PlayStation & China Hero Project Reveal New Convallaria Details 

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Earlier we learned that PlayStation was going to act as the publisher for a number of new titles stemming from the China Hero Project initiative, one that promotes and elevates games developed in the rapidly growing Chinese game-dev scene. The program has seen a host of fantastic titles emerge from it including F.I.S.T Forged In Shadow Torch, In Nightmare, and Anno: Mutationem. With a new slate of games now in the works from the initiative, PlayStation has confirmed that they’ll be acting as publisher for several of them, including Convallaria, a new multiplayer third-person shooter from Loong Force, and in doing so, they’ve shared some new details about the game as well.

From a PlayStation press release, we learn more about the game, and the team responsible for it,

Convallaria, created by China based developer Loong Force. Convallaria is a key game project for the “China Hero Project,” and is a multiplayer online shooting action game.

Convallaria is a fast paced, action shooter that places teamwork and tactics at the heart of its gameplay. Blending PVP and PVE, players travel through a unique world in which science fiction and fantasy intertwine as players seek to reconstruct distant memories from a long-forgotten past.

As they embark on this journey across the dusty world of Convallaria players will be able to work together (PVE) to take down large bosses as they leverage a diverse collection of weapons, and combat styles. For the more combative player, they’ll be able to go head to head in with up 100 fellow combatants as they seek to compete missions and secure resources in an openly hostile game world.

Loong Force, the development team of Convallaria, have combined a playful art style, high-speed battles and deep, rich world to provide their own take on the action-shooter genre to deliver a play experience that will have players coming back for more. The company was founded in 2016, and its core team is from well-known game companies in the industry, with more than ten years of game development experience, and has participated in the production of many internationally renowned 3A masterpieces.

Speaking about the game, and the partnership with PlayStation and the China Hero Project, Convallaria‘s Project Lead, Xu Min said,

During the past few years of development, we have faced many challenges, but with funding from, and the help of Sony Interactive Entertainment and our partners, the team has overcome many difficulties. We are looking forward to the opportunity of sharing more news on Convallaria very soon.

PlayStation China’s Head of Software Business, Sean Kelly also noted,

We couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Loong Force to publish Convallaria, and to bring this game to players worldwide. We are looking forward to sharing more updates on Convallaria very soon.

It has been noted by PlayStation on numerous occasions that the publisher is looking to invest further in the games as a service model, with more than ten titles being currently incubated within its PlayStation Studios portfolio. Adding Convallaria to the mix as a second-party title will undoubtedly serve their library of upcoming titles in that sub-genre.


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