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PlayStation 5 Scalpers Are Facing Difficulties Selling Consoles due to Supply Increase

The PlayStation 5 is one of the most wanted consoles if the latest earnings and sales results are anything to go by. Ever since Sony put an end to the stock shortage that happened with the pandemic, the console has become more widely available in stores. Because of this, some PS5 scalpers who were raking in the profits from the pandemic are now struggling to sell the console at a profit.

Now, we see that the scalpers are struggling to sell their consoles, with some PlayStation 5 consoles going as low as $400 due to the lack of demand for scalped consoles. Of course, the Redditor who found this information out didn’t pity the scalpers who have been taking advantage of the lack of supply brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s worse, the consoles on sale are the first revisions of the console, which means that these consoles are more prone to facing issues compared to the more recent models. While the latest models have shown some issues, namely with the heat sink, it’s still better than what issues have come with the first PS5 models, some of which have faulty controllers that have reportedly gained stick drift right out of the box.

Meanwhile, other sellers are trying to discount the God of War Ragnarok bundle as the console that has the famed game alongside it is now selling for $509.99 rather than its typical $559.99. Meanwhile, TheGamer has found that eBay listings for PlayStation 5 have gone to the $450-$490 price range, with the latter for bundles that include God of War Ragnarok.

Of course, some dodgy sellers are not going to hesitate to pull a deceitful move, even in these ‘trying times’ for them. One commenter relayed an experience in which they found one of these reduced PlayStation 5 listings and contacted the seller, who then proceeded to tell them (hilariously enough) that the price in the listing was just for show and that the consoles were $500.

As you might expect, the story ends with the OP going to the store to buy the PlayStation 5 from an actual store. With the purchase, he also got the security of having a warranty provided by the store they chose, and, what’s more, they also proceeded to make that $500 vanish from the scalper’s hands. Still, there’s no better time than now to purchase your PlayStation 5 console if you’re eyeing one for your home soon.

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