Play lockpicking minigames in this anthology on Steam

It’s time to dust off those lockpicking sets you’ve been hoarding. Dim Bulb Games is launching Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking to Steam on Thursday. For those unknown, this “game” is part digital museum, part collection of minigames. As you walk through its digital area, you’ll have the ability to play a range of lockpicking minigames from video games and series like Mass Result, Skyrim, and Fallout.

The video game anthology is concerning Windows PC, macOS, and Linux, and the last release will include locks from lots of computer game. (It’s likewise readily available on, if you choose to download it there.) With this release concerning Steam, you’ll have the ability to contend in online leaderboards too to see simply how your hacking abilities accumulate.

Each minigame consists of a note from expert video game designers about it. As a video game designer behind the museum, Johnnemann Nordhagen typically discovered himself purchasing and downloading other video games to study them. “How nice it would be, I thought, if someone collected all the references for particular ways of doing things in one place,” Nordhagen stated on the Steam page.

The museum of lockpicking is simply the very first entry in a series of video games devoted to protecting computer game mechanics. Nordhagen strategies to develop museums for other mechanics too, however for now, we have a lot of locks to choose.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.