Planet Coaster: Premium Edition Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Construct your supreme rollercoaster park with World Rollercoaster: Premium Edition! It consists of the well known base video game along with 7 magnificent DLC loads including an additional 35 flights, 450+ brand-new plans, and countless fresh surroundings pieces. Get classic with classic tourist attractions, style cinematic stunt programs, develop creepy brand-new zones, and much, a lot more…

World Rollercoaster: Console Edition: Surprise, pleasure and excitement crowds as you build your rollercoaster park empire.

Spectacular Trips Collection: Includes 9 brand-new flights influenced by renowned fairgrounds and amusement park from around the globe.

Timeless Trips Collection: 9 brand-new flights and one variation, from towering rollercoasters to stylish gondolas.

World’s Fair Load: Spectacular styles influenced by 10 stunning nations, in addition to 2 brand-new rollercoasters and one brand-new flight.

Experience Load: Mine cart flights, boat trips, and more function in this jungle-themed experience.

Studios Load: Bring the smash hit experience to life with magnificent stunts and Hollywood props.

Classic Load: Go old-fashioned with extravagant Victorian tourist attractions and decors.

Creepy Load: Test visitors’ bravery with 2 brand-new dark flights, frightening surroundings, and a ghostly mascot.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.