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Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku Says This Technology Will Revolutionize AI Chat-Bots, And Not For The Better

For Dr. Michio Kaku, the problem is AI can’t naturally identify the line between reality and fiction. “So it can’t discern what’s accurate?” Joe Rogan asks. “Exactly!” Dr. Kaku says, “Chatbots do not know what is correct or incorrect.” AI chatbots aren’t grounded in the hard facts and reality of the natural world surrounding us. This makes them exceedingly adept at crafting thoughts and ideas, but inaccuracies are a side effect that remains ingrained in the product (known as hallucinations). 

Dr. Kaku’s reasoning becomes laser-focused on the crossover effect between quantum computing and the AI toolbox. “We have to get used to the idea that quantum computers introduce a whole new way of looking at reality,” Dr. Kaku tells Rogan.

He notes that the real peril lies in the user’s purpose. Quantum computers, according to Dr. Kaku, can function as the much-needed fact checker to the AI system’s inherent flaws and biases. He notes that good ideas come from the logic battle between ideas of all sorts and that this combat landscape can’t exist within the AI software. “It’s the struggle between ideas out of which correct ideas emerge. And this does not happen on the internet,” he suggests. But with a quantum computer acting as the information parsing hardware, this conversation can be had, leading to a far more accurate AI system ready to take on even more meaningful tasks and roles to continue improving human society.

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