Photo surfaces of Miami’s police chief making similar hand gesture to one that prompted investigation

MIAMI, Fla. – Regional 10 News initially reported how City of Miami Policeman Daniel Ubeda was alleviated of responsibility while he was under examination for a hand gesture in a picture published to social networks.

The hand gesture was translated to be a sign for white power, like the one the Anti-Defamation League reveals is co-opted by racists.

Now, after Regional 10′s report about the department’s examination of Ubeda’s relocation, a picture has actually shown up from an occasion in Houston when Miami Cops Chief Art Acevedo was that city’s cops chief.

We spoke with Houston’s present Chief Of Cops Troy Finner who existed when the image of Acevedo was snapped where Acevedo was “throwing up the threes.”


“That’s at Jack Yates High School, Third Ward. There’s so much pride. That’s a historically African-American community in Houston. If you talk to any Third Ward person, they call it ‘throwing up the threes,” Finner stated.

A fast online browsed revealed all type of examples of Houston’s Third Ward indication of pride consisting of from vocalist Beyoncé repping her home town.

So, what was Ubeda’s intent in the questionable image?

We asked Tommy Reyes president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Cops.

“Did he know that hand signal could be construed as a racist hand signal?”

Reyes, while talking with us, revealed us a signal stating, “This signal he knows. This is, in our opinion, a whole different signal.”

The cops union’s president stated Ubeda was indicating 3 and 3 — 6 — which represented the variety of motormen on his shift; it was absolutely nothing to do with white power.


It will depend on detectives to discover proof otherwise.

“I hope people slow down and truly investigate,” Finner recommended. “Let the facts and evidence take them where it leads.”

Hours after the image of Acevedo was discovered, Reyes, on behalf of FOP, composed a letter to the primary himself requiring that Ubeda be restored to complete responsibility which the examination versus him be dropped.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.