Phoebe Bridgers wants you to know women can smash guitars too

Some individuals got in their sensations about it.

Twitter was filled with folks questioning why she did it and utilizing words like “extra” to explain it — despite the fact that Bridgers wasn’t precisely effective in breaking her guitar up.
Even famous artist David Crosby responded to “Pathetic” when somebody on Twitter asked what he considered the smashing (triggering Bridgers to react in a tweet by calling Crosby a curse).

After vocalist Jason Isbell tweeted “That was like an 85 dollar guitar she smashed come on guys” Bridgers reacted.

“I told danelectro (the company that made the guitar) I was going to do it and they wished me luck and told me they’re hard to break,” she tweeted.

Ever Since Bridgers has actually had some enjoyable with it, even retweeting comic Drew Gooden’s tongue in cheek tweet “I am so disappointed in Phoebe. There are millions of hungry kids out there who would have loved to eat that guitar. And now no one can eat it. I can’t stop crying.”

Wanderer author Angie Martoccio likewise didn’t believe individuals ought to be separated about it.

“The online furor was obviously overblown — especially considering that it was set off by a female musician following the example of the many, many men who have smashed their instruments before her,” she composed.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.