Pete Buttigieg Takes Down Tucker Carlson For Parental Leave Smear

Transport Sec. Pete Buttigieg removed Tucker Carlson for spreading out homophobic smears about his adult leave.


Buttigieg stated on MSNBC’s Due date: White Home:

 Look, in his case, I think he simply doesn’t comprehend the principle of bottle feeding, let alone the principle of paternity leave however what’s truly unusual is that, you understand, this is from a side of the aisle that utilized to declare the mantle of being pro-family. What we have today is an administration that’s really pro-family, and I’m blessed to have the ability to experience that as an worker, having the ability to have the versatility to look after our newborn kids, which is, by the method, work. It’s happy work. It’s terrific work. However it’s absolutely work. 


And we, as a society, I believe, are beginning to do a much better job of acknowledging that parenting is work, that caregiving is work, and supporting it as such, which is, naturally, why the president has actually proposed paid household leave for all Americans, something most Americans currently think that we should do and something that a lot of extremely established nations practically consider given. 

Nicolle Wallace followed up and asked Sec. Buttigieg where these smears are originating from, and he addressed, “Look, this attack is coming from a person who has yet to discuss his obvious approval for the assassination of Harvey Milk, so undoubtedly we understand there’s some dark locations where a few of these mindsets come from. However I likewise keep in mind that that doesn’t promote the nation. I don’t believe that even speaks for the majority of people on the other side of the aisle from the celebration that I come from. This is mainly an agreement problem, not simply an assistance for households like mine to have a right to wed and ideal to be dealt with similarly, however likewise households in basic, mommies and fathers, should have the ability to support their kids, consisting of with paid household leave. “

Tucker Carlson has actually never ever addressed for his approval of the assassination of Harvey Milk. The Secretary made his point highly without needing to straight state that these attacks are homophobic.

The attacks on Pete Buttigieg aren’t about disagreements about household leave policies or concerns with the supply chain.

There is something much darker at work in these attacks. It is homophobia and the reactionary going to the ugliest location that it can consider to smear a popular member of the Biden administration, however disgusting culture wars are all that the Republican politician Celebration has actually left.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.