PC players will have to re-buy Hitman 2 levels to bring them to Hitman 3

IO Interactive’s strategies to permit PC gamers of Hit Man 3 the “seamless” importation of Hit Man and Hit Man 2 into the brand-new video game has actually struck a snag.

Hit Man 2 stays not available on the Impressive Video Game Shop, where Hit Man 3 will be used specifically for the year following its launch Jan. 20. That video game is just readily available on Steam. “Due to various circumstances out of our control,” states IO, it’s difficult for PC owners of both video games to connect them up and bring their areas into Hit Man 3 as meant.

However IO Interactive has actually used a workaround, sort of, for the 2 weeks following Hit Man 3’s launch.

  • Initially, the Hit Man 1 GOTY Gain Access To Pass will be readily available, totally free, for anybody who owns Hit Man 3 on Impressive Games Shop. This pass will be offered for the very first 10 days after launch to those who purchase (or pre-order) Hit Man 3.
  • Next, owners of Hit Man on Impressive Games Shop — consisting of those who selected the video game up for totally free when it was readily available in August — get a totally free Hit man 1 GOTY Gain Access To Pass upon purchasing Hit Man 3.
  • Then, the Hit Man 2 Requirement and Gold Gain access to Passes will be used at 80 percent off for the 2 week after Hit Man 3’s launch on Impressive Games Shop, “and will continue to be discounted regularly.” IO Interactive has yet to price the gain access to passes, which provide Hit Man and Hit Man 2’s material into the 3rd video game.

In August, when IO revealed the timed special to Impressive Games Shop for Hit Man 3, the studio stated that PC gamers would have the ability to “import locations from the previous two games into Hitman 3 on Epic Games Store.” That wound up holding true on all platforms — however the import is totally free on consoles, and expenses cash on PC.

That’s due to the fact that gamers should import their levels from Hit Man 1 into Hit Man 2 initially. On PlayStation 4 (and 5) and Xbox One (and Series X), Hitman 3 will auto-detect whether the user already owns either preceding game on that platform, and allow them to download their levels from Hitman 3’s in-game store. Because Hitman 2 isn’t on Epic Games Store, that process doesn’t work for PC gamers.

As for carrying forward their progress from Hit Man and Hit Man 2, that is accomplished through an IO Interactive website, and isn’t affected by Hit Man 2’s unavailability on EGS.

On ResetEra, upset customers and fans said they would either file for refunds and/or wait the year out until Hitman 3 launches on Steam.

“I’d just been weighing up whether or not to bite the bullet and buy it on Epic,” wrote one. “Guess I actually will be waiting until it hits Steam next year. It’s a shame because it really looked good, but I’m not rebuying all the stuff I already own.”

Polygon has reached out to an IO representative for more insight on how much this will cost, and additional comment about the snafu. As it stands now, players who currently own Hit Man and Hit Man 2 on Steam still have to pay for Hitman 2’s levels in order to unlock everything in Hitman 3 on Impressive Games Shop.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.