Patricia Ann Garcia sentenced for making false 911 report that sparked botched HPD Harding Street raid

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The lady who confessed to making an incorrect 911 report that resulted in the mishandled Harding Street raid in January 2019 discovered her sentencing for the criminal activity on Tuesday.

Patricia Ann Garcia, 53, pleaded guilty back in March of this year to a charge of communicating incorrect details.

A judge sentenced Garcia to 40 months in federal detention and 3 years probation.

According to an indictment, Garcia declared her 25-year-old child was inside Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle’s house doing drugs, however federal district attorneys stated none of it held true.

3 weeks after the report to authorities, narcotics officers carried out a “no-knock” warrant on the house.

Harding Street: Timeline of what took place in messed up HPD raid

Nicholas and Tuttle were eliminated and 4 officers were injured.

The judge likewise stated Tuesday that Garcia might have prepared for something bad to occur, calling 911 numerous times.

To date, 12 overall officers, both previous and existing members of the Houston Cops Department, have actually been prosecuted in the raid. Many have actually been implicated of falsifying time cards and other supposed criminal offenses associated with their pay.

Simply recently, among the officers, Steven Bryant, pleaded guilty to federal charges of tampering with a federal government record. He was implicated of lying to authorities to attempt to conceal a bad search warrant. He retired while under examination after 23 years on the force.

The video above is from a report prior to Garcia’s sentencing.

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