Pathfinder announces a new set of seven Runelords miniatures by WizKids

The Pathfinder tabletop role-playing system, now in its 2nd edition, is lastly bringing the famous Runelords to life. A brand-new set of 7 minis by WizKids will be readily available this summer season including the cabal of arch wizards that have actually been afflicting the world of Golarian because 2007.

The origin story of the 7 Runelords is involved the birth of Pathfinder itself, which generated out of the 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons in 2007. That’s when lead designer Jason Bulmahn assisted lead the production of the very first edition of Paizo’s marquee tabletop RPG — and the abundant, linked stories for which Pathfinder would end up being well-known.

Unlike D&D’s modern-day version, which can feel a bit scattershot as it moves from one setting and one bad guy to the next, those who have actually played Pathfinder understand the Runelords effectively. They were the centerpiece of the very first 6 Experience Courses (the Pathfinder term for a narrative project) ever released for the TTRPG. Entitled Burnt Offerings, The Skinsaw Murders, The Hook Mountain Massacre, Fortress of the Stone Giants, Sins of the Saviors, and Spires of Xin-Shalast, they were later on gathered together in Increase of the Runelords Anniversary Edition in 2012.

An elegant woman in a purple and gold brocade dress, a woolen shawl around her shoulders. She carries a massive halberd.

Runelord Belimarius, the tenth and last runelord of envy.
Image: Wizkids

“They have been core to three of our Adventure Paths over first edition,” stated Mark Moreland, director of brand name technique, in an interview with Polygon. “They really were the connective tissue that linked our very first Pathfinder AP, Rise of the Runelords, to one of the last to wrap up the arc of our first edition in 2018 with Return of the Runelords.”

The Runelords themselves are each paired with among the timeless 7 lethal sins, consisting of Alaznist (rage), Belimarius (envy), Karzoug (greed), Krune (sloth), Sorshen (desire), Xanderghul (pride), and Zutha (gluttony). Each of the brand-new 28 mm minis will be offered separately, either online or at regional pastime shops. They will likewise be paired with their own runewell.

“It’s a magical artifact that each Runelord has that allows them to tap into sin magic,” Moreland stated. “Wrath is linked to Evocation, because it’s all about blasting things. Lust is Enchantment, because it’s all about manipulating others for your own desire. Greed is about Transmutation — the old alchemist who could turn lead into gold, and so forth. So they use these runewells to conduct magical rituals and spells.”

A woman with a devilish spear strides off her plinth, draped in orange vestments.

Alaznist, the last Thassilonian runelord of rage.
Image: WizKids

Both the mini lords and their wells will include plainly in Pathfinder’s signature tactical fights. They’ll likewise be totally suitable with WizKids’ line of WarLock tabletop surface. Although the experiences that include the Runelords themselves have actually not been upgraded to Pathfinder’s 2nd edition, Paizo hopes that lastly turning them into physical minis will assist motivate gamers to make them the focal point of their own homebrew projects.

“These would be useful in three different adventure paths from first edition,” Moreland stated, consisting of The Shattered Star together with Increase and Return of the Runelords. “Two of these Runelords have actually survived — within the canon of the world — and now share rulership […] And those two figures are still around, so even if you’re not running a Runelords campaign, your player characters can still meet them.”

So is this a tease for Pathfinder diehards? An indication of things to come and, maybe, a re-return of the Runelords for 2nd edition? Aaron Shanks, Paizo’s marketing and media supervisor, stated there’s absolutely nothing prepared at the minute. However for sinister magic users with 10,000 years of in-fiction history behind them, anything might take place.

No prices or release date has actually been set for Return of the Runelords, however WizKids states more info must be readily available quickly.

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