Path of Exile livestream shows off Path of Exile 2, Ultimatum expansion

Grinding Equipment Games hosted a brand-new livestream on Thursday concentrated on Course of Exile 2. The studio likewise revealed the brand-new Demand growth for Course of Exile, set to release on April 16.

Grinding Equipment Games arranged its livestream into numerous parts, beginning with a brand-new Course of Exile 2 trailer and a prolonged gameplay area prior to delving into Demand. The studio then hosted a Q&A with ZiggyD — a popular Course of Exile YouTuber.

Course of Exile 2 initially got revealed at ExileCon in 2019, so Grinding Equipment Games creator Chris Wilson began the stream out by attending to the long radio silence from the group. Wilson discussed the scope of the video game and the group’s desire to nail the brand-new project in addition to numerous of the video game’s significant system overhauls, consisting of Ability Gems. In a Q&A with Polygon and other news outlets previously today, Wilson stated Course of Exile 2 isn’t rather at the middle in regards to advancement, however the studio is entering into a groove with production.

The trailer showcases numerous brand-new gameplay clips and places from the brand-new Vastiri Desert place — the 2nd significant place in Course of Exile 2, after the Island of Ogham, very first exposed at ExileCon 2019. After the trailer, Wilson told a gameplay display for Course of Exile 2, set totally in the brand-new place.

Path of Exile 2 caravan

A take a look at a huge caravan in Course of Exile 2
Image: Grinding Equipment Games

The display flaunted numerous different locations in the Vastiri Desert area, in addition to the huge brand-new caravan that shepherds gamers in between various locations of their picking. However the star of the display are 2 of the brand-new weapon type for Course of Exile 2: spears and crossbows.

Both weapon types come with intrinsic skills, specific to that weapon type. For example, the spear shown in the display gave players a Whirling Slash ability, which conjured up a storm near the player. Leaving the storm causes it to explode in an area — made easier by another of the spear’s intrinsic abilities: its disengage skill, which causes the player to fly backward and throw blades at enemies. The crossbows are similarly unique, with the ability to change to different elemental or armor piercing bolts depending on the combat requirements. Wilson told press that the studio is unsure which — if any — older weapon types will see similar intrinsic skills.

The studio also showed off brand-new mini-bosses — a bigger focus in Course of Exile 2 — and the game’s improved animations. Enemy packs also have more unique AI in the sequel, with monster groups that patrol certain areas like soldiers.

One of the more interesting aspects of Path of Exile 2 is that it doesn’t replace the original campaign. Both the original campaign and the sequel campaign will live on within the same game client, with players being able to take their old characters and accounts — complete with any microtransactions — through the new story or the old one. To that end, both Path of Exile and Path of Exile 2 will converge into a shared endgame post-campaign. And that’s where Path of Exile: Ultimatum comes in.

After the Path of Exile 2 gameplay showcase, Wilson swapped over to Ultimatum, a new expansion and League (Path of Exile’s word for seasons) coming next week. Wilson also said all recent and future Leagues are being built with Path of Exile 2 in mind.

Ultimatum offers players what is essentially a Do You Want To Be a Millionaire?-style gameshow, but with slightly more death and blood. Players will meet the Trialmaster — an emissary of Chaos — who will task players to undergo Trials.

Trials will show players a reward and ask them to select a difficulty modifier. If they succeed in the Trial, the reward is theirs to take. However, the Trialmaster will also offer a second, potentially even better piece of loot if players decide to keep going. The second Trial will be even harder than the first, as will the third, fourth, and so on, if players decide to push it.

Players can walk away with their rewards between these levels, but if they die at any point they lose everything. Players will be able to trigger these events with items found in the world, and even sacrifice items to prompt even more powerful drops from an upcoming Trial. Trials can also grant players unique rewards with interesting effects.

Path of Exile 2 Ultimatum reward options

You can keep going in Ultimatum, but you’ll lose your rewards if you die
Image: Grinding Gear Games

Ultimatum Trials also work in multiplayer, which is a nice touch. Players can run Trials together, and one can drop out with their rewards while the other pushes their luck. Players even vote on which difficulty modifier they prefer, with the game rolling the dice in the case of a tiebreaker.

Ultimatum also comes with the usual quality of life improvements and additions to the game. For this League, Grinding Gear Games focused on loot drops, changing around various items that can and can’t drop from enemies. Final Act Bosses are now more lucrative as well, to spread out how players are spending their time farming for items. Some items that were League-specific — meaning players had to do a specific piece of content to get a chance at them — now appear in the general item pool as well.

Finally, Ultimatum adds some new abilities to defeat opponents. For a complete breakdown of the new abilities and the extensive list of reward changes, check out the full livestream.

Wilson and the team didn’t offer a release window for Course of Exile 2, although we know it won’t be out by the end of 2021. Course of Exile: Demand will release on April 16.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.