Party Tips for a Dwarf Tossing Game

Dwarf-toss, often referred to as midget-tooting, is an indoor bar/pub attraction where patrons with dwarfism, dressed in Velcro outfits or padded costumes, throw each other over mattresses or on Velcro covered walls. Participants compete to toss the other with dwarfism the furthest. The event is usually held around Halloween or the middle of spring.


Dwarf-tossing is usually for younger people because most people attending are older than twenty, and a few even older. People who are young at the time of the event are mostly there to have a good time, and do not have a problem with a little embarrassment about their condition.


Velcro clothing makes it easy to change clothes. People wear their clothing over the mattress and then on top of the mattress. A person’s personal style also adds to the atmosphere. Many wear large black or white clown makeup to enhance their appearance. Others wear bright colors and colorful tattoos or tribal art.


The Velcro clothing is comfortable because the garments are designed with the use of small pieces of Velcro rather than fabric or lace. This is important because it helps to keep the fabric and Velcro intact and it is easier to take off and put back on.


Velcro is also used for safety reasons. All participants should be checked for pinched nerves by an event volunteer before entering the event. Some venues will even perform proper safety protocols to avoid accidents. Make sure to check these guidelines out before you decide on a venue to attend.


If you have an idea for a party theme, you can hire a DJ to put together the music and dance for you. If you do not have this option, it is best to ask someone who does have a talent to perform the on duty. You may even want to rent a DJ if you have no experience doing this. Once you get settled in the room, make sure that there are plenty of things for everyone to do. do, including some great music playing and plenty of refreshments to drink.


Once everyone has arrived, the first thing to do is get everyone seated and have the DJ set up the party area. Be sure to have some water available for those who need to drink because people tend to get very thirsty.


Once the music starts, Velcro your clothing to the mattress or wall and start tossing the other person. If you cannot find anyone to toss, the winner is the one who throws their clothing off of the mattress or wall. It is always nice to have some cheering from family and friends while you are doing this.


It may be a good idea to ask everyone to do a few flips as well to see how you do. The idea is to get a feel for how you are doing, so that you are not standing still while the music hits you hard in the face. You may also want to try throwing someone who is not familiar in order to get a better feel for how it feels and to learn from someone else’s mistakes.


When the music stops and the dancing begins, there are several things that you can do to keep the fun activity going. For example, you can do a few jumps or spins to help break up the action and make it even more exciting.


Once you have been to many parties in your life, you can get a good idea of what the kind of music is that you enjoy listening to. While you may not want to hear it at the next party, you can find a song that you like to play at this party.


Dwarf tossing is a lot of fun and is something that you can do with many people who are interested. The costumes are very easy to put on and you will find that it is a lot of fun.