‘Pam & Tommy’ trailer drops

Hulu dropped a brand-new sneak peek of the upcoming series on Wednesday ahead of the program’s Feb. 2 launching.

The eight-episode series informs the story of how starlet and design Pamela Anderson and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s sex tape was taken and after that offered without their approval.

Lily James plays Anderson, while Sebastian Stan stars as Lee.

The trailer reveals Rand Gauthier [Seth Rogan] and Uncle Miltie [Nick Offerman] taking the intimate tape that the couple had actually recorded on their honeymoon.

Anderson and Lee ultimately separated, went on to win a suit versus the Web Home Entertainment Group, who offered their tape.

Although Anderson has yet to weigh in on the series, Lee informed Home entertainment Tonight just recently, “The story’s actually cool. What actually happened wasn’t, but [Stan] tells me it’s pretty wild. I feel like it was forever ago. But it’s a cool story and people need to know. It’s cool. I’m stoked.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.