Paladins Starter Edition, Gold Edition, And Season Pass 2021 Are Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

The Paladins Gold Edition consists of all 8 Champions from the Beginner Edition along with 22 additional Champions for an overall of 30 overall Champions immediately opened!

You will likewise get 600 Crystals — a $12 worth — immediately!

9 Damage Champions: Bomb King, Drogoz, Kinessa, Lian, Sha Lin, Strix, Tyra, Vivian, and Willo

6 Assistance Champions: Furia, Grohk, Grover, Mal’Damba, Pip, and Ying

8 Flank Champions: Androxus, Dollar, Evie, Koga, Maeve, Skye, Talus, and Zhin

7 Frontline Champions: Ash, Barik, Fernando, Inara, Makoa, Terminus, and Torvald

Please keep in mind that this Edition includes all material consisted of in the Beginner Edition.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.