Overwatch Lunar New Year 2021 event: dates, skins, new Arcade game mode

Blizzard Home entertainment’s yearly Lunar New Year occasion for Overwatch is now live. This year’s limited-time occasion will range from Feb. 4-25, and will consist of a brand-new video game mode, Fugitive hunter, and a fresh batch of Lunar New Year-themed skins for Ashe, Bastion, Echo, Orisa, Widowmaker, and more.

Overwatch’s brand-new Game mode is a deathmatch-style video game type. In Fugitive hunter, the gamer who ratings the very first kill of the match ends up being the target, while everybody else end up being a fugitive hunter. The gamer who eliminates the target then ends up being the next target, and so on. Blizzard states that Fugitive hunter will be consisted of as part of the Arcade video game type rotation after the Lunar New Year 2021 occasion concludes.

As with previous occasions, Overwatch will include 3 weekly difficulties. By winning 9 video games every week, gamers can open a range of cosmetics: gamer icons, sprays, and Impressive skins, consisting of Terracotta Medic Baptiste, Xiake McCree, and Imperial Guard Reaper.

You can see those skins, along with 5 brand-new Famous skins — Bull Satanic force Orisa, Tiger Huntress Ashe, Dragonfire Bastion, Kkachi Echo, and Pale Snake Widowmaker — in the gallery listed below. (And, as constantly, if you didn’t get in 2015’s Lunar New Year skins, they’re more affordable now.)

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.