Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan leaves Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch video game director Jeff Kaplan is leaving Blizzard Home entertainment. The business revealed the workers alter on the video game’s main site Tuesday, calling Aaron Keller, Overwatch assistant video game director, as Kaplan’s replacement in the function.

Kaplan was regularly the general public face of Overwatch, appearing front and center in designer upgrade videos, at BlizzCon, and at Overwatch League occasions. Blizzard did not define why Kaplan was leaving, nor did Kaplan himself in a declaration launched on the Overwatch site.

Here is Kaplan’s declaration:

i am leaving Blizzard Home entertainment after 19 fantastic years.

it was genuinely the honor of a life time to have the chance to develop worlds and heroes for such an enthusiastic audience. i wish to reveal my deep gratitude to everybody at blizzard who supported our video games, our video game groups and our gamers. however i wish to state an unique thanks to the fantastic video game designers that shared in the journey of development with me.

never accept the world as it appears to be. always dare to see it for what it could be. i hope you do the same.

Keller, in his own statement, addressed the elephant in the room — that Kaplan is leaving in the midst of Overwatch 2’s development. Development on the sequel is “continuing at a good pace,” Keller said, and he promised more updates soon:

I also recognize that making games at Blizzard has always been a group effort and never about just one point of view. Together with the rest of the team I feel fortunate that we have a deep bench of development and creative leaders, numerous veteran Blizzard artists and designers, and some extremely talented new blood as well—along with tons of support throughout the company for the live video game and for Overwatch 2.

Speaking of Overwatch 2, advancement is continuing at a good pace. We have an exceptional vision we’re executing on, the reaction from many of you to the updates we shared at BlizzConline thrilled us, and we have exciting reveals planned for this year and beyond as we ramp to launch. We’ll be sharing more frequent updates about Overwatch 2 progress and new features in the live game with you all very soon.

Blizzard showed off new gameplay and updated designs for some of the hero roster for Overwatch 2 at BlizzConline in February. The follow up is still many months off, however, as parent company Activision Blizzard stated previously this year not to anticipate Overwatch 2 to deliver in 2021.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.