Ovechkin declines fight with Bruins rookie, spears him in junk instead

Alex Ovechkin and Trent Frederic had quite a battle going during Wednesday's Bruins-Capitals clash. (Getty)

This was most likely catastrophe prevented for Trent Frederic’s face.

Some NHL gamers, like Carolina’s Andrei Svechnikov, learnt the regrettable method simply how tough Alex Ovechkin can toss his hands. Others (most gamers) who complete versus No. 8 regularly understand not to even consider squaring off with that dude.

Frederic, nevertheless, is a various type, and was simply hurting for a scrap with the taller, much heavier Russian leviathan all night long, particularly in the 3rd duration when the Bruins novice snapped his gloves, got Ovechkin by the collar and used him a little go time.

After understanding Ovechkin was having none of it (or perhaps bailing after choosing he didn’t especially wish to die this night), Frederic hilariously pulled back, got his mitts, and continued like absolutely nothing took place.

Things then cooled off in between the 2 for, like, 20 seconds, prior to both remained in each other’s kitchen areas rattling the pans around once again.

The fight boiled over minutes after the preliminary incorrect alarm, with both sword-fighting and exchanging shots prior to the grass war culminated with Ovechkin providing an oily and stupidly agonizing death blow to Frederic’s nether areas.

Damn, guy.

There are, obviously, lots of prospective reasons Ovechkin declined the scrap with Frederic. He would not desire himself out of a close video game for 5 minutes, for one.

That aside, I simply wished to offer our goal-scoring overlord the advantage of the doubt and presume another significant factor he declined the scrap was to extra another young, unskilled go-getter the exact same terrible fate he provided to Svechnikov.

However then he went and provided that outright dagger to the novice’s groin, so yeah, it was absolutely simply the video game scenario.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.