OSU Medical Center at full capacity

TULSA, Okla. — As COVID cases continue to increase in Oklahoma due to the fact that of the omicron variation, healthcare facilities are worried about capability.

The chief of personnel at OSU Medical Center informs 2 News they are feeling a stress about the very same, if not even worse than previous COVID rises.

“It might feel like everything has kind of gone back to normal and this is our new normal, but it doesn’t feel normal here at OSU Medical Center,” Dr. Chuck Thurman, OSU Medical Center Chief of Staff said.

OSU Medical Center is reporting that they are at full capacity with 30 COVID patients. This is leading to issues in the emergency room.

“We’re on ER hold. That means people that are waiting for a room and can’t get one and it can go over one shift into a second shift, multiple hours of waiting,” Dr. Thurman said. “It’s not typical for our hospital to have that. Usually we have really good through put.”

The distinction in this rise compared to previous ones is more team member are leaving their tasks.

“Our regular staff could have to get anywhere from 55 to 60 additional shifts,” stated Dr. Thurman.

Besides the staffing lack, the healthcare facility likewise doesn’t have adequate screening products with just a 2 to 3 day supply.

“We don’t even have enough tests to test universally like we would have done previously,” he said. “We’re having to save it to only test the ones that the physicians order a test on.”

While many individuals are tired of becoming aware of the pandemic, Dr. Thurman states it’s not over yet.

“We have to just kind of refocus our efforts for the good of all of us and support our health care out there,” Dr. Thurman said.

He states you can support healthcare workers by following the preventive measures, getting the vaccine and booster shots.

2 News checked with other hospitals in Tulsa.

Hillcrest states they have actually seen a boost in COVID hospitalizations however it is not most of what they are seeing. They state their capability problems are a mix of COVID and other conditions.

Saint Francis informs 2 News extremely bit has actually altered from their upgrade recently when they were beginning to make use of corridors for clients. Ascension Saint John was not able to comment.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.