Oscar De La Hoya sorry for commentary, drinking at Jake Paul fight

Numerous were worried about Oscar De La Hoya throughout the Triller Battle Club occasion on Saturday night in Atlanta, as his commentary throughout the night appeared off.

On Thursday, De La Hoya verified what a lot of had actually presumed.

He, like a lot of others working the battle card at Mercedes-Benz Arena, was drinking.

While he excused his habits, De La Hoya stated on the “DAZN Boxing Show” his look on cam wasn’t prepared.

“I got a little into it. I started having a couple drinks,” he stated. “And then [producers] told me, ‘Why don’t you go and commentate?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, man. OK, OK.’

“I got a little over carried away. And I apologize. But it’s all good. It’s all good.”

Throughout the broadcast, De La Hoya started calling everybody “baby,” proclaimed his love for Mike Tyson and often slurred his words while not making good sense. Even Frank Mir, who combated in an undercard bout, revealed his issue for De La Hoya — who has actually had battles with alcohol and drug abuse in the past.

Now, in De La Hoya’s defense, he wasn’t the only one under the impact on Saturday night. Vice versa.

Analysts and other stars were consuming visible, and Snoop Dogg was — as he constantly is — cigarette smoking throughout the broadcast. He likewise broke open his own brand name of vodka and began drinking with Jake Paul after his win over Ben Askren.

At one point, SNL star Pete Davidson even blew cannabis smoke into Al Bernstein’s face right prior to the battle.

Regardless, De La Hoya stated the battle lags him. He’s back in “beast mode” getting ready for his go back to the ring in July.

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