Orbital Racer Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

In area nobody can hear you wander…

Orbital Racer is a single-player racing simulator embeded in area. It integrates the flexibility of motion of 6DOF area simulators with the delights of racing.

The video game uses 2 unique video game modes:

This mode is everything about quick, pleasing gameplay. Simply delve into the cockpit and utilize your speed and readily available powerups, consisting of explosive rockets and mines to beat your challengers.

This mode puts a lot more focus on realism. All ships act according to Newtonian laws of physics with possible thruster forces. This makes flying a lot more tough however likewise distinctively pleasing as you’ll be moving sideways at the limitations of controls the majority of the time.

Other highlights of the video game:
– completely personalized controls
– 8 unique places, all based upon genuine locations in our Planetary system
– an overall of 24 tracks
– a complete, playable flight school for Simulation mode.
– 3 various ship designs, each with extra 3 variations
– a tough yet versatile AI
– custimizable races
– an engaging profession mode

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.