Oprah reveals the ‘inappropriate question’ she once asked and regrets

She was a visitor on Rob Lowe’s “Literally” podcast on Wednesday, where she was struck by the memory after Lowe narrated about Burt Reynolds. Lowe had actually stated that he’s frustrated by late-night talk reveals that make the visitors play video games, which he desires the format to return to old-fashioned interviews, with somebody who was proficient at it, like the late Burt Reynolds.

“Oh, Burt Reynolds!” Winfrey responded, including, “Oh, gosh! I have a Burt Reynolds story.”

She described that when she was much more youthful and talking to Sally Field, (who costarred with Reynolds in “Smokey and the Bandit” and likewise dated him) she asked a bad concern.

“My big mistake: I asked her, ‘Does Burt sleep with his toupee on?'” Winfrey remembered. “I even say now, I cringe to even think that I asked that question. But I asked it because the producers are like, ‘You have to ask, you have to ask, you have to ask. That’s what everybody wants to know.'”

She continued, “And so I asked it, and she went cold on me. She shut down, and I could not get in again.”

Lowe stated he understands Field personally from their time on “Brothers & Sisters,” and stated, “She’s one of the most amazing actors I’ve ever known.”

“But when Sally goes cold, it’s like Khrushchev in the Cold War,” he stated. “She will bury you.”

However Winfrey worried that she deserved what she got.

“It was like, ‘Whoa, Sally went cold on me on live TV,'” she stated. “I deserved it, I deserved it, I deserved it, ’cause that is such an inappropriate question.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.