Okami and Monster Hunter Rise collide in July 30 update

Beast Hunter Increase is crossing over with Okami on July 30. However gamers won’t be searching down Amaterasu and skinning her for parts. No, gamers will have the ability to experience together with Amaterasu with some unique Layered Armor for their Palamute.

Later on today, Capcom will release its 2nd cross-over in Beast Hunter Increase — occasions where gamers can get armor and products based upon other Capcom residential or commercial properties. The very first cross-over for Increase was Palico Layered Armor from Beast Hunter Stories 2. Now, gamers will require to handle an unique Occasion Mission to get Okami armor for their Palamute. Capcom hasn’t exposed the information of the Occasion Mission, however a lot of collaboration-based armor isn’t tough to obtain.

The Layered Armor is a simply visual modification and Palmutes will still draw their power from the armor you craft for them. However, they’ll get to look cool as hell in their brand-new “Ammy” outfit. The trailer for the Layered Armor shows Amaterasu in glorious HD. The Palamute outfit uses the cloud-like shoulders and Okami’s signature flaming disc. Even much better, when gamers run on their Amaterasu-clad Palamute, they’ll leave a path of flowers.

The Okami cross-over occasion is complimentary for all Beast Hunter Increase owners.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.