Off And On Again Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

With the dawn of the web the digital universe experienced rapid development. The people indulged in their brand-new wealth and power, with access to formerly unthinkable understanding. For a while it appeared as if anything was possible.

This golden era did not last. Understanding ended up being corrupt, much of it was lies dressed up as reality. Worry, fear and dislike contaminated the world with Programs ending up being envious of the resources assigned to others. Throughout this chaos the genuine danger passed hidden.

A quiet intruder enjoyed and waited, preparing it’s attack. The war that followed was short and destructive. Now there is however one hope. A hero needs to reboot the system, to turn it “”On And Off Again”” resetting time to prior to the corruption ever started. Are you that Hero?””

On and off Again informs the story of a hero entrusted with restarting time. The video game world is developed and ruined throughout play, with the hero having the capability to turn parts of the world on and off once again. You will be needed to utilize both brains and ability to conquer the opponents and challenges in your course.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.