Nuclear Bombs

At one time in history, only the United States could have atomic bombs and those bombs were kept underground. Today we have nuclear warheads. These can be sent into the atmosphere, or even exploded above ground.

At first they were only used by the military to destroy targets in a limited area for a short time. Then they were put on bomber planes and they were able to take out long-range targets for most of the time.

Now, even smaller nuclear weapons called a hydrogen bomb can be set off in a war zone and they could easily kill thousands. It may not be at all surprise to you that our military is now working on new technologies to use their current nuclear arsenal to a more global scope.

Even before these technologies were made available, nuclear testing has been going on for many years. There are many rogue nations around the world that would love to obtain one of these so they could start World War III.

Nuke technology is still changing so fast. More countries are researching this technology to perfect it. This means we will see new weapons in the future.

Some of the new ways to obtain these weapons are called precision-guided weapons. They are becoming a more commonly seen weapon but some countries such as Iran still want a nuclear bomb.

Some nations have said they would like to have these weapons anyway because they would like to have a free hand to try them out. If you look back on history there has been many time when nuclear weapons were used in wars and so many wars.

While the Boston marathon bombing was happening, I read an article in the New York Times that stated that Israel was building and testing a precision-guided missile to hit Iran’s nuclear reactor. That reminds me of the Iraq War, when President Bush stated that he was going to strike Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction facilities and hit a couple missiles at the Iranian nuclear reactor. The next day, this reactor had a massive explosion and was completely destroyed.

After many years of running this newspaper, I can say with a lot of confidence that we are headed towards another major war involving nuclear bombs. No one knows when that will happen but our governments keep pushing us towards war.

Therefore, to save your life, you need to become informed about the possibility of a nuclear war. We all need to become educated and ask our leaders for clear answers.

One way to avoid a nuclear war is to use nuclear non-proliferation treaties to stop one country from building one of these weapons. Many countries have signed these treaties to not build weapons of mass destruction. These treaties are written in such a way that they allow for the chance of war if one of these weapons is made.

What you have to realize is that our governments do not care about national security issues at all. They only care about the war is their bread and butter.