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Notorious Destiny 2 Leaker Suffers A Crisis Of Conscience, Promises To Stop Leaking

The notorious Destiny 2 leaker known as DestinTwoLeaks on Twitter has apparently suffered a crisis of conscience, prompting them to renounce leaking, at least for the time being. The leaker is well known for having brought previously unreleased content to the attention of players and fans of the franchise before any official announcements were made by the developer in question, Bungie.

“I’ll be taking a break,” DestinyTwoLeaks remarked on Twitter, beginning a long thread on the matter. “I just don’t feel comfortable showing off information that Bungie themselves haven’t revealed yet. I know many people say ‘oh, but it’s just a corporation’ or ‘Bungie should have revealed this stuff instead of waiting!’ The reality of it all is that it’s not my place and never has been my place to reveal anything of my own volition.”


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When it comes to their motivation, DestinyTwoLeaks described how “there are hundreds of employees who pour their soul into Destiny content just for some stupid Twitter account to ruin it. It’s not right and it never will be.” DestinyTwoLeaks added that “I don’t know when I’ll come back or if I do in general.”

Destiny 2 leaks have been coming hard and fast recently. The latest concerns an upcoming release of new content, Season of the Plunder. This will apparently feature the return of a raid known as King’s Fall in addition to a series of activities called Hideouts and Expeditions. Bungie is currently expected to announce the new content on August 23, 2022.

This comes in the wake of news that Bungie has been pushing to bring Destiny 2 cheat makers to court. Several of these have in fact been successfully sued, resulting in settlements well in excess of $10 million. “Honest players express frustration and anger at playing against cheaters and the perception that cheating is rampant or worse, ignored can cause users to abandon a game for other options not perceived as overrun by cheaters,” Bungie remarked in one of its court filings. “As such, Bungie has been forced to expend tremendous time and significant resources attempting to counteract cheat software such as that developed and sold by the defendants.”

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