Not yet vaccinated, Tai Tuivasa plans to make UFC Fight Night 198: ‘Rules are rules’

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The U.S. vaccine required is far from perfect for Tai Tuivasa, however he’ll do what’s required to guarantee that his battle isn’t endangered.

Tuivasa (12-3 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, 6-3 UFC) deals with Augusto Sakai (15-3-1 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, 4-2 UFC) at UFC Battle Night 198 on Nov. 20, which occurs at the UFC Pinnacle in Las Vegas.

The brand-new COVID-19 vaccination travel policies, where foreign people will require to be totally immunized with evidence of among 7 WHO-approved vaccines, will work Nov. 8, less than 2 weeks prior to Tuivasa makes the walk versus Sakai. The 28-year-old Aussie is not presently immunized, however he intends on taking the shot so he can make it to his battle.

“It’s very close,” Tuivasa informed mixed martial arts Addict on his next battle. “Rules are rules, I don’t really like rules, but it is what it is. I’m sure me and my team will have to work around it…I’ll make it to the fight.”

Tuivasa was initially slated to deal with Walt Harris in October, however after Harris was dislodged, he wound up drawing an even greater ranked fighter in No. 10 heavyweight Sakai.

“Yeah, definitely,” Tuivasa stated on ending up with a much better offer. “I said I wanted someone up there and that’s what I got. I think it’s gonna be a better fight for the fans. I rate Sakai as a fighter so I think it’ll be a good showdown.”

He continued, “He likes to stand up and bang, I like to stand up and bang so personally I think it’ll be a good one for the fans, and I still got the same game plan as always. I come out, I focus on myself, and try and get the win. Try and knock his head off.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.