Non-vaccinated players who get COVID could end up not being paid

Gamers who miss out on video games due to a COVID-19 medical diagnosis in 2021 will certainly make money, no concerns asked. If those gamers are immunized.

If a gamer isn’t immunized, a COVID-19 medical diagnosis might trigger the gamer to lose spend for all video games missed out on since of it.

Per a letter arrangement dated Tuesday, a copy of which PFT has actually gotten, the NFL and NFL Players Association have actually concurred that a group “may not challenge whether or not a player’s COVID-19 infection is football-related if . . . the player was fully vaccinated at the time he contracted the virus; and the player received an initial negative test for COVID-19 upon timely reporting to preseason training camp during the 2021 League Year, and he did not have a subsequent unexcused absence from preseason training camp.”

Even if the immunized gamer tests favorable after the regular-season bye week, the group might not challenge whether the favorable test arised from a football-related activity (i.e., capturing COVID-19 while out of town).

By ramification, groups can difficulty whether a COVID-19 infection is football associated for gamers who haven’t been immunized. Which, in theory, sets the phase for gamers who decline to get immunized to possibly lose video game checks if they can’t play.

Therefore, the league and the union basically have actually codified what we recommended 2 weeks earlier. Gamers who don’t get immunized and who get COVID far from the center must not be spent for missing out on video games. While it might trigger a battle that would be solved in arbitration (and, depending upon the IR/NFI guidelines for 2021, might need the group to shelve the gamer for the majority of if not all of the remainder of the season), it’s another clear reward for gamers who haven’t been immunized to get immunized.

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