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Nock Debuting On PlayStation VR2 In Few Days

Virtual Reality is a blessing in disguise, and we love when we see more and more games being developed for it. The latest game to get its VR version is Nock.

Announced by Normal VR, the game titled Nock will be getting its PlayStation VR2 version on May 25th, 2023. The game might sound familiar to you, and that is because Nock has been available on Quest since March 2022.

A green pitch and a bow in hand. This is what Nock is all about. Choose multiplayer or custom games, all you need to do in the game is kick the ball into the opposite team’s goal. That is when you will win. The other cool feature that the game has is voice chats, making communication between players more easy.

Are you a soccer fan? What do you think about the game?

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