Nintendo Switch’s best-selling indie games in 2021

The Nintendo Change is a lean, indicate indie device. In some circumstances, the mix of the console’s appeal paired with its mobility produces the ideal chance for a video game to be “rediscovered” by a brand-new audience and get a bump in appeal. Due to the fact that of this, fans of indies will typically wait on a Change release to play a video game, or they’ll even re-purchase it when a video game lastly concerns the portable.

The eShop has no lack of beautiful indie video games that have actually recorded our and fans’ hearts. In 2021, the Nintendo Change got seriously well-known beloveds like Chicory: A Colorful Tale, the Spelunky series, and Loop Hero, after these video games were initially launched on various platforms. In addition to video games unique to the Change, the eShop likewise got a couple of excellent indie video games synchronised to their release on other platforms, like Eastward and Unpacking.

It’s been a standout year for indies, specifically on Change. So let’s see simply what Change gamers purchased, as far as indies go. Nintendo posted a video showing off some of the 15 best-selling indie games on the platform on Wednesday. The final list is as follows:

So, if you were looking to squeeze in a little more gaming before the end of the year, or you hoped to find a fresh new title to start you off in 2022, this is a pretty solid list of what Change owners purchased in 2021.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.