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Nintendo Switch Sports finally adds golf in new update

Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo has released Nintendo Switch Sports update 1.3.0, which finally adds the golf minigame to its roster of sports.

Here’s a rundown on the new update, plus a new overview trailer for all the sports:

Nintendo Switch Sports update 1.3.0


  • Golf has been added. It can be enjoyed in all modes: Play Globally, Play Locally and Play with Friends.
  • We added a Shot Assist mode in Golf to make it easier for beginners to play. To use it, go to Options → User Settings → Other.
    • This setting only applies to Play Locally and Play with Friends.
    • Please be aware that even if you have Shot Assist mode on, your setting will revert to Normal in Play Globally mode.

Play with Friends


  • Several issues have been fixed to improve the gameplay experience.

Nintendo Switch Sports is available on Switch. If you’d like to hear our thoughts on the game – check out our review here.

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