Nikki Glaser has finally learned to love herself

For Nikki Glaser, amongst the comics included in the movie, her youth consisted of frustrating sensations of being an unsightly duckling, numerous insecurities, a yearning for attention and an eating condition. For several years, she attempted to fill the hole with phase time and job after job, describing that “workaholism” became her drug.
She had actually been doing standup nighttime, without lots of breaks, when the coronavirus pandemic hit. She returned house to live with her moms and dads in St. Louis, MO. It altered her whole outlook on life, her household and herself.

“I love them [my parents]. Everyone [thought moving home] was going to break us and people were like ‘I could never live with my parents.’ And I’m like, ‘I couldn’t live with your parents either. Your parents suck,” Glaser quipped in a current interview with CNN.

She explains her moms and dads as loose and unbiased.

“They liked the same TV as me,” she stated. “And they’re so funny.”

“I know they’re going to be gone someday,” she included. “I really stopped and was like, ‘You will really miss this someday. And I’m trying to stay in the moment.'”

Glaser’s having such a great time with her household, she’s chosen to remain in St. Louis, where she’s leasing a house with her buddy and hosting a podcast.

“I live in an apartment in St. Louis and I don’t know what’s next,” Glaser stated. “When other cities open up, I might get a place in L.A. and New York or just visit there. But I really found during the pandemic that I can have a great presence in Hollywood and New York from St. Louis, I just have to catch a Southwest flight.”

Glaser hosts her brand-new podcast, “The Nikki Glaser Podcast,” produced by Will Ferrell and iHeartMedia’s Huge Cash Gamers Network, from her living-room each early morning. She stated it’s perhaps her preferred job of perpetuity and has actually resulted in a deep self-love she had not experienced prior to.

“It turns out I like myself for the first time in my life, like, I really have self-esteem, which is kind of kryptonite for a comedian, but this podcast is not just comedy, I kind of look at it as self-help,” Glaser stated. “And by that, I mean, I hate to say it’s like a therapy session because it’s not, but I am an open book on this podcast in ways that I am not even with my closest friends.”

Glaser, who likewise has a truth program on deck, a funny pilot she’s offered about cancel culture, and hosting tasks on a dating competitors program, stated she’d ultimately wishes to include her household on the podcast.

“People love them. And, they’re really, my parents deserve to be on camera and broadcasting. They definitely are potential celebrities in their own right,” Glaser chuckled. “I like giving them that opportunity later in life.”

Glaser stated she wants to do the podcast as long as possible.

“This is something I never want to walk away from, that I can do forever,” she stated. And I have actually never ever truly approached anything that method. I’m horrified of dedication. Like purchasing a 500 count of Q-tips is excessive for me,” she said. “I lucked out due to the fact that I have actually been doing it for 3 weeks now and it’s the very best thing I have actually ever done. And I anticipate it every day. I’m so grateful and fortunate to be in a position to [do it.]”

“It is not lost on me,” she said, acknowledging the widespread personal and professional losses so many have faced in the past year. “I get up every day. I began hoping over the summer season, too. Like I discovered my variation of God, although I was constantly an atheist. I’m simply more spiritual and I’m not as egotistical. I wish to assist more individuals.”

“I wish to whatever I do, whether it’s amusing or not, needs to likewise inspect package of, does this make individuals feel great?”

And that includes herself.

“Whatever isn’t make or break,” she says. “And I’m simply a lot more simple with myself. And I feel obliged to share the tricks I have actually found out through reading self-help books and speaking to wise individuals and listening to podcasts and practicing meditation in the most tasty manner in which isn’t preachy. This isn’t a goop podcast. It’s a funny podcast, however I likewise have a message. I desire everybody to be pleased. Including myself. Yeah.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.