Nick Jonas releases ‘Spaceman’ music video

It’s the 4th solo CD for the vocalist, which he states was influenced by his better half, starlet Priyanka Chopra.

The lyrics on a bulk of the album’s tunes deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to some political commentary.

On the single “Spaceman,” he sings “Mask off minute I get home / All safe now that I’m alone, almost like a spaceman.”

A few of the tunes concentrate on his marital relationship. One is called “Nervous.”

Chopra just recently stated that the pandemic brought her and her other half better.

“We didn’t really have the time to get to know each other very much because of our individual careers,” she informed U.S.A. Today. “Our teams — and us — are always trying to just play catch-up with our schedules. But having this time and this year to be with each other and understand each other’s likes/dislikes/habits, has been a real gift. I love the fact that at the end of quarantine, we still liked each other. So that’s great.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.